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A one-stop care management service for loved ones and their families. 

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Providing care for an aging loved one can put pressure on the entire family. AVIE provides expert care guidance and management so that families no longer have to take on the role of caregiver for their loved one. Get back to a healthier family dynamic and spend your time deepening those meaningful connections. 

Our Approach

Whole Person Care

Especially when it comes to aging, how we feel and move through the world is often a result of many factors. That’s why we take a holistic approach — addressing your loved one’s unique physical, emotional, cognitive, and logistical needs with a broad range of services and providers. 

  • In-person and remote services
  • Can include in-home caregiver matching
  • Specializing in cognitive and mental health

Our Process

Meeting Families Where They're At

Whether you’re just getting started or have already been looking for support, AVIE optimizes care for a better ‘right now’ and fuller tomorrow.

1. Assess

We take the time to assess you and your loved one’s unique needs.

2. Support

We build an integrative care plan and coordinate all your supports and services.

3. Evolve

We adjust your care plan as needs change, to support you now and for the road ahead.

Our Offer

A better 'right now'...


Inclusive of Brain, Body, and Individuality

Our questions cover mental and physical health, lifestyle, personality & interests so that we can help deliver the appropriate support in the right way. We’ll also identify the urgent needs and the ‘wish-fors’ that can happen further down the road.

Care Planning

A Path Forward for You and Your Loved One

Get all the critical information in one place, outline what needs to happen to address your loved one’s immediate needs, and put the foundation in place for a better future. This includes all relevant health information, home safety checklists, and care suggestions.

Care Management

Ongoing Coordination of All Services and Providers

We handle the day-to-day for you. After we connect you to the relevant experts, we ensure that your network of health professionals is talking to each other and that services needed for your loved one are running smoothly.

...and a fuller tomorrow


Supporting Long-Term Wellness

With the Avie guide as the advisor, provide your loved one with coaching and tech-enabled educational content focused on addressing specific health issues and simple behaviors and treatments that can improve quality of life.

Check-Ins and Referrals

Deepening Your Care

Optimize your support with care plan adjustments, additional assessments to deepen understanding of specific health needs, and referrals for new specialists to ensure your loved one is living a generative life.

AVIE Partners

A Singular Point of Contact Across Our Service Offerings

An AVIE Partner is a family’s personal care manager who bridges the gap between loved ones and their network of services and providers.

  • Reviews loved one’s current needs
  • Assesses existing support network
  • Recommends/ adds additional services and providers
  • Manages the new, more comprehensive network of support
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Partners for individuals and families experiencing:

Memory Concerns | Mobility Issues | Weight Challenges | Depression | Parkinson’s | Isolation| Dementia | Chronic Pain | Inflammation | Major Surgery|Cancer| Stress| Lack of Purpose| Auto-Immune Issues|

Our Pricing

Pricing that Won't Break the Bank

  • Intake & Assessment | $250
  • Coaching | $80 per hour
  • In Home Care | $30-$40 per hour *
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How AVIE Has Guided Families Like Yours

J and JH, 80 Year Old Couple

That's the saddest part for me is our son just cut off communication... and he was a person to go to help you.


You always have to be the one to offer help, my mom still doesn't ask. Our AVIE Partner has done an amazing job connecting with her and uncovering her needs.


AVIE did an amazing job connecting us with caregivers that understand our family.


We really appreciated the positive attitude, quick response times, and effectiveness of our caregiver.


Wow what a relief, thank you for supporting us during this difficult time, just wow, you’ve made this so simple!

AmyResource Anxiety

Whenever we talked about the future, it sounded like we’d just need more and more caregivers. AVIE has helped us find another way.

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