About Us

AVIE was created with the growing awareness of the desires of older adults to remain independent, empowered, and thriving in the comfort of their own homes.

Accordingly, adult children and other family members increasingly face the weight of responsibility for the coordination and assistance of their parents’ needs to help them achieve this desired quality of life, often times from a distance and while raising families of their own.

Through trusted partnership, our mission is to help older adults and their families thrive together by having the assistance they need to ensure:

  • Their loved one is supported in fulfilling their optimal quality of life physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually
  • The involved family members remain fully engaged within the circle of support through transparent and ongoing communication

"Our vision and intention at AVIE is for older adults and their families to experience the later phases of life as abundant, generative, loving, and meaningful."

Meet Our Team

Meet the people committed to improving the navigation and coordination of your support needs.

Cassidy Smith

Cassidy is a Program Director for A Bright Future operating the company's Sacramento region office. Throughout the years she has worked with the elderly and disabled in a variety of settingswhich eventually led her to pursue a career in case management and program development for Supported Living Services. Cassidy enjoys helping those unable to help themselves and believes that the ultimate reward is cultivating meaningful relationships with clients and being able to improve their quality of life.

Ami Doshi

Ami Doshi brings over a decade of experience in healthcare and startups. She believes patient success stems from a company and team who will listen and educates their patients with tools to live a fulfilled life. Her goal is to help patients feel heard and cared for by obtaining resources and services they can trust. She has a personal interest and professional experience within the home care space, she knows every step of the process and that's why her approach leads to success. She is passionate about brain health, nutrition, and breaking the stigma around mental health and wellness. She firmly believes we have to create a culture of innovators and doers within the integrative healthcare field.

Marcus Kako

Marcus brings a background in marketing, design research and operations. He is the founder of Resiliency Collective, a non for profit clothing brand that promotes healthy masculinity with all proceeds going to organizations that help prevent sexual violence. Marcus has a deep rooted interest in human centered design and psychology.

Max Konan, MA

Max is the CEO of A Bright Future (ABF) where they help developmentally disabled adults live independent lives, as contributors to their communities. They serve ~200 clients across Napa, Sonoma, Solano, Contra Costa, Alameda, Sacramento, and Yolo counties. An immigrant from the Ivory Coast in West Africa, Max started his career as a special education teacher where he became passionate about helping others. He is also the CEO of A Vie Transportation which specializes in transportation for the Elderly and movement impaired.

Ken Lakritz, Ph.D.

Ken is a clinical psychologist with 35 years of experience. He has devoted his clinical and academic life to adult developmental challenges with mid- and late life populations. Ken has a particular interest in eldering and late life development, both in supporting wellbeing and in cultivating the wisdom that naturally calls us during the second half of life. He is an author of books and articles about adult development, conscious aging, and elder wisdom.

Rahmin Sarabi

Rahmin brings a 15 year background in mission-driven consumer startups. His experience spans product management, design research, and people operations. As part of the early team at Good Eggs, he helped build an online grocer that delights thousands of people each week centered on a mission to grow and sustain local food systems. He also was the Head of People & Culture at Opendoor, where he helped the company scale from 80 to over 400 people across 5 markets in 18 months, redefining the process of buying and selling a home.