A partner in supporting your loved ones at home

Coordination of daily needs & holistic care guidance

AVIE Care personalizes and manages tasks for families with older adults who could use a little help with the day-to-day, or in creating a plan for what lies ahead. We empower families to get the support they want, when they want it, all from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Common services include coordinating:

Meal Planning



Tech Support

Social Coordination

Home Upkeep




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AVIE Partners are trained professionals in empowering older adults

We work with families to find out what matters most in supporting their loved one and then coordinate desired support. Take time away from planning, and spend more time focused on your loving relationship.

β€œIt’s like having a team of holistic care experts on your side to support your loved one today, and prevent crises before they happen tomorrow.”

β€” Doug Wilson, MD, Palliative Care Specialist

Get the basics off your plate

We coordinate across services including: grocery & meal delivery, home repair & maintenance, general shopping, and finances.

Skilled navigation of your healthcare needs

From identifying the best providers to scheduling and managing appointments, your AVIE Partner is there to ensure your medical and psychological needs are covered.

Making tech support accessible

Personalized training, troubleshooting, and guidance with patient people for: Video conferencing (Zoom, FaceTime, Facebook Portal, etc), telehehealth setup, virtual banking, and tech installation.

How We Work

1. Match With Your AVIE Care Partner

Through an in person or virtual meeting, we talk through your situation to find where you need help with support.

2. Create Your Support Plan

Based on your goals, we connect you to the best providers and coordinate appointments, errands, and logistics for continuous support.

3. Get the Help You Want

We handle any issues and send you regular updates as needed or requested to assure transparency and efficency.

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Common needs can include

Choose from a variety of services to help with the day to day or use services in conjunction to help with specific health needs. Some common cases we can help with are: