Do you take insurance?

We’ll happily work with your insurance company or Medicare to see if they will cover any of our services. Reimbursement varies according to your plan.

How is AVIE Care different?

We offer both virtual and in-home support, allowing us to coordinate services before there is a need for in-home care.

Our approach is holistic, including support across the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of life — this means we can both help with the day-to-day and act as strategic advocates when navigating complex decisions.

Whether we’re helping a client after surgery, or over the long-term, AVIE Partners personalize services to address not just what you need, but what you want, to live a more fulfilled life.

What is an AVIE Partner? What do they do? How are they different from caregivers?

AVIE Partners provide a trusted, consistent link between clients, their families, and the AVIE coordinators who oversee and ensure that quality services are provided to meet day to day needs. AVIE Partners work to ensure that care plans are developed to meet existing needs, and that services are modified and updated to meet the changing status of each client as needs increase. While AVIE Partners are not direct caregivers, they will make sure that physical, in-home support needs are met by qualified caregivers as needs require an increased level of assistance.

How do I know I can trust your care partners? Do you train them? What if I don’t like them?

We recognize that an AVIE partnership is an evolving relationship. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you have a great match, and will make changes if needed. Making a good match is best for both you and your AVIE Partner as well!

Our AVIE Partners are selected because they are individuals who find purpose, meaning, and fulfillment in supporting others.

Our care partners are extensively vetted and well trained. The AVIE training process includes: Criminal background checks, CPR certification, additional vocational certifications, degrees, and previous employment history MAR Medication Administration Record Training and Proact Training.

How do we ensure transparency and accessibility with clients and families?

AVIE believes that all activity, services, and communications should be transparent and accessible to clients and families at all times. Clients and families should always have access to information regarding financial transactions, evaluations, care plans, and services, activities, etc. via AVIE’S electronic portal. We believe that if clients and families are not fully apprised of all AVIE activity and services, then we are not doing our job successfully.

What is the minimum number of hours required for participation in AVIE services? What services can be included in an hour of care?

For in-home care, we require a 4 hour commitment for each visit. For on-demand services there is no minimum. Tasks and services are discussed during a consultation as we build out customized care plans.

How are costs determined for each client? Is there a month to month subscription or are costs determined on an on-demand or unit cost basis?

AVIE provides both ongoing monthly subscription (according to determined needs) and on-demand services that are determined on a unit cost basis for each coordinated service. Based upon individualized assessment, AVIE customizes care and services to meet on-demand or ongoing needs. Costs will be determined between clients, families, and AVIE Partners designed to meet assessed needs within the parameters of each individual’s financial capabilities.

Can I use AVIE services for shorter time periods (i.e., 4 weeks post surgery) or do I have to sign up for a predetermined length of time?

Our minimum engagement for ongoing plans is 6-weeks; this allows us to provide personalized assessment and foundational support.