The trusted bridge between you, your family, and AVIE's services

AVIE Partners provide a trusted, consistent link between families, their loved, and the AVIE coordinators who oversee and ensure that quality services are provided to meet day to day needs. AVIE Partners work to ensure that care plans are developed to meet existing needs, and that services are modified and updated to meet the changing status of each client as needs increase. While AVIE Partners are not direct caregivers, they will make sure that physical, in-home support needs are met by qualified caregivers as needs require an increased level of assistance.

The concierge who juggles your service needs

AVIE Coordinators set-up and manage the services and supports that reflect your care plan. They work with the AVIE Partner to ensure all current needs are met and up to date.

Match With Your AVIE Partner

The AVIE Partner (AP) meets with the family and their loved one and establishes advocacy and guidance. They assess needs and creates a care plan. AP maintains ongoing relationship with the family and their loved one.

Create Your Support Plan

The AVIE Partner and AVIE Coordinator review the care plan and set up the necessary supports and services.
The AVIE Coordinator than implements, coordinates, and manages your loved one’s needed supports and services.

Stay Informed and Up to Date

The Family and Loved One give continual feedback to their AVIE Partner through regularly scheduled check-ins where they can make changes to their care plan as needed,
The AVIE Partner Communicates the updated care plan to the AVIE Coordinator. A continual communication and feedback loop is established between the AVIE Partner and AVIE Coordinator.
The AVIE Coordinator alters, removes, adds services to fit the needs of evolving care plan.

Meal Planning

  • Prepared meal delivery from trusted partners including UberEats and GrubHub
  • Connection to city and non-profit services providing discounted meals

Groceries & Errands

  • Grocery & farmers’ market pickups
  • General home supplies
  • Pharmacy & medical pickups
  • Mail & banking tasks


Schedule and Coordinate:
  • Instruction & set-up of transport Apps
  • In-person appointments & errands
  • Safe outdoor activities

Technical Support

  • Setup of video and telehealth solutions
  • Electronic troubleshooting & maintenance
  • Wifi installation
  • Phone setup & configuration

Social Coordination

  • Interest/Support Groups
  • Social events
  • Family, friends and loved ones
  • Leisure activities, hobbies

Home Upkeep

Coordinating and scheduling for:
  • House cleaning & laundry
  • General house maintenance
  • Home improvement projects

Healthcare Support

  •  Find Specialists, Physical Therapists, Gerontologists, and Psychologists
  • Telehealth setup
  • Guidance on advanced directives


Consultation and scheduling for:
  • Virtual banking
  • Bill payments
  • Online ordering


Consultation and coordination for:
  • Estate planning needs
  • Healthcare & financial power of attorney
  • Professional fiduciary oversight


  • Physical/Mental Fitness
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Nutrition
  • Nutraceutical


  • Chaplin Services
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Online Resources and Groups
  • Retreats, workshops, and services
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