How We Work

Personalized care for loved ones and their families

Our collaborative approach to care brings together coaches, services, and providers to ensure your loved one is supported and thriving. All of this is managed and taken care of by your AVIE Partner.

More About Your AVIE Partner

With backgrounds in gerontology, nursing, social work, and physical therapy, your AVIE Partner brings ongoing expertise and compassion into your family’s health journey.

Will I work with the same AVIE Partner every time?

Yes. We believe that consistent, trusted relationships are at the core of good support and care, so we match one partner to a family or individual.

What if my AVIE Partner isn't working out for me?

We’re committed to your fulfillment. In the very rare case we would happily reassess and find you and your family a better match.

What is an AVIE Partner? What do they Do?

Every family or individual is carefully matched with an experienced AVIE Partner who delivers personalized programs and serves as a trusted guide to:

  • Help navigate tough choices including care providers and living options.
  • Manage tasks and services to simplify the day-to-day.
  • Care for yourself, including counseling and mediation to improve family dynamics.
  • Help loved ones deepen social connection, purpose, and fulfillment.
  • Navigate financial needs, such as Medicare, long-term care plans, estate planning, financial planning, etc.

How the AVIE Partner Process Works

Empowering loved ones with independence & fulfillment

Provide your loved one with support that allows them to live their best life.


Prevent premature out-of-home care. Keep your loved one at home where they want to be.


Prevent isolation. Keep loved ones connected to family, friends, groups, and activities.

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