How We Work

Services for physical, emotional, and mental wellness

AVIE Partner helps families pick from a variety of services options to make sure their loved one is receiving the support they need as well as the support they want.

Meal Planning 

  • Prepared meal delivery from trusted partners including UberEats and GrubHub
  • Connection to city and non-profit services providing discounted meals

Groceries & Errands

  • Grocery & farmers’ market pickups
  • General home supplies
  • Pharmacy & medical pickups
  • Mail & banking tasks


Schedule and Coordinate:
  • Instruction & set-up of transport Apps
  • In-person appointments & errands
  • Safe outdoor activities

Social Coordination

Connecting you remotely with:
  • Interest/Support Groups
  • Social events
  • Family, friends and loved ones
  • Leisure activities, hobbies

Technical Support 

  • Setup of video and telehealth solutions
  • Computer/electronic troubleshooting & maintenance
  • Wifi installation
  • Phone setup & configuration

Home Upkeep

Coordinating and scheduling for:
  • House cleaning & laundry
  • General house maintenance
  • Home improvement projects


Healthcare Support 

  •  Help finding Specialists, Physical Therapists, Gerontologists, and Psychologists
  • Telehealth setup
  • Guidance on advanced directives


Consultation and scheduling for:
  • Virtual banking
  • Bill payments
  • Online ordering


Consultation and coordination for:
  • Estate planning needs
  • Healthcare & financial power of attorney
  • Professional fiduciary oversight


  • Nutritionists
  • Physical Fitness & Coaching
  • Exercise Programs

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