Patient Management Made Simple

AVIE uses IntakeQ, an online management software to make managing patient data easy and safe for families. IntakeQ allows us to send customized and private messages, forms, bills, reports, and assessments directly to our clients through a secure, password protected channel. It is HIPAA compliant and supports e-signatures.


Frequently Asked Questions

About IntakeQ

Do I pay for IntakeQ?

No, IntakeQ is covered by AVIE Care. Creating an account is at no cost to you.

Is IntakeQ safe to use?

Yes, IntakeQ requires password protection as well as two-factor authentication through email or phone to use. It is fully HIPAA compliant. AVIE Care also follows our own set of internal procedures to assure your information stays safe.

About the Intake Assessment

What is an Intake Assessment? What is it for?

AVIE’s Intake Form is a comprehensive assessment that helps us understand your loved ones unique needs. It asks a holistic assortment of questions about physical health, mental health, activity, social interaction, current care/support, and more.

This form lays the foundation of our care planning and serves as a guide to help facilitate deeper and more constructive conversations about your loved one’s health with an AVIE Partner.

What are the steps to getting the assessment?

  1. Click the button That says “Take Our Assessment”. You will be sent to a webpage titled: “Intake Form”.
  2. Type in your full name and email and click the button that says”Continue”.
  3. You will receive an email from IntakeQ with the Subject Line: “Avie Care has sent you an intake form”. If it it not in your mailbox, please check you spam. If it is not in your spam folder please contact
  4. Open the email, there will be a password and a button that says “Open Form”. Copy the password before clicking the Open Form button.
  5. Click the button to open the form and paste the password into the webpage that opens.

Still have questions? Reach out today!

Contact us for any questions you may have about IntakeQ or the assessment process.