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Evidence-based guidance and support for feeling your best, meeting day-to-day needs, and creating a thriving life.

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AVIE does things differently

Our integrative approach helps families with older loved ones:

Enhance Brain Health & Memory

Programs and exercises to improve cognitive ability and combat early onset dementia.

Maintain Independence

Allow loved ones to live from the comfort of their homes and families to move away from the caretaker dynamic.

Improve Fitness & Nutrition

Stay physically fit so that the body is feeling and functioning at its best.

Increase Emotional Health

Ensure thoughts and feelings act in ways that create a positive impact on physical and social wellbeing.

Get Errands Off Your Plate

Manage the responsibility of support so that families can focus on spending quality time with loved ones.

Support Family Dynamics

Give families the support to feel confident about their care, and actively listened to about their needs.

Imagine living a thriving life with...

Cancer | Parkinson’s | Arthritis | Dementia

We help support families and their older loved ones by…

  • Making the highest impact life changes
  • Deepening loving relationships
  • Managing crises and preparing for the road ahead

… all based on the specific needs of each family.

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How We Work

1. Meet Your AVIE Partner

Talk through the specific situation and needs you have for your family either in person or virtually.

2. Build a Care Plan

Receive guidance in finding the unique tasks and services needed to holistically support your loved one.

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3. Take a Breath

Have daily coordination of tasks and services done for you. Stay informed and make changes to your care plan as needed.

Customized plans with attainable goals

  • Expert assessment of current needs
  • Identification of gaps in care
  • A plan for both the present and future
  • Achievable behavioral changes that promote health and help prevent illness

AVIE Partners: A trusted expert for your family

AVIE Partners are advocates for wellness, not just for your loved one, but for the entire family. Each partner has experience in providing care and has a personal interest within the home-care space. All of our partners are carefully vetted to bring empathy, compassion, and expertise into their work. They deepen support capacity and help alleviate the pressure families face when trying to navigate big decisions on their own.

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Including coordination for all your day-to-day needs

For services ranging from mundane to the complex.

Meal Planning

Groceries & Errands


Social Coordination

Technical Support

Looking for more options?

 Reach out to us with your specific family needs, we will always try to accommodate!

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Subscription based pricing that won't break the bank

  • Pay monthly
  • Use roll over minutes 
  • Cancel anytime
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Helping families live their best lives

We help identify and remedy the individual pain points your family may face.

J and JH, 80 Year Old CoupleDisconnection from Their Family

That's the saddest part for me is our son just cut off communication... and he was a person to go to help you.

AdH, Concerned SonTrouble Assessing Needs

You always have to be the one to offer help, my mom still doesn't ask... you have to be at the house to see she's having a hard time and to offer help.

AnH, DaughterAnxiety Around Navigating Providers

Whenever we have talked about the future, it just sounds like we’d need more and more caregivers... if there’s anyone that has anymore ideas other than that, great... in other words, I don’t know how many more options she would have if we were to stay home...

LH, Mid 80s With Live-In SupportWorried About Bothering Family

I feel like I am asking them for help all the time, I don't want to burden them.

JDesire for Community and Support

I lost my best friend a couple of years ago. And he was a big part of our, I guess my support group. Other than that, I don't know of any. I got a lot of relatives and they're scattered.

E, the Retried ProfessorUnsatisfied with Medical Care

I have a primary care physician who does not render a satisfying service because primary care of people apparently a lot 10 minutes per visit and they run 50 or more patients… What I do instead is to make my own my own appointments with specialists and mostly they don't like it when I do that, but most of them will take it.

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